About Vasdex

Vasdex Associates Pty Ltd is a Johannesburg-based management consultancy which specializes in reward and performance solutions.

Who We Are

Vasdex Associates Pty Ltd is a Level 2 BBBEE certified company.
Our professionally qualified, principal consultants all possess higher level post-graduate degrees in business. All have prior managerial experience in corporate environments before venturing into consulting careers.
Our value proposition to clients is driven through broad business and industry knowledge coupled with deep technical expertise and a high-level of professional service.
We operate an associate or networked business model where we partner with similarly experienced professionals to complement our service offering.

What We Offer

We provide an array of services from project conception to ongoing improvement, with typical project lifecycle elements of review, conceptual design, detailed design, implementation, ongoing improvement.
Strategic change management is driven through the involvement of affected internal employees and associated decision makers. We enable sound decision making based on clear information and potential futures from scenarios modeled financially, that determines the impact on the organization and ultimately the shareholder/stakeholder.
Our consultants are as comfortable in the boardroom with executive & board members discussing strategic and policy issues, as they are with operational & shop-floor (unionized) employees discussing practical implementation issues.

Where We Start










Our strategy is one of partnering with clients and developing longer-term relationship-driven engagements. The nature of our expertise is transportable across industries and covers the full spectrum of remuneration consulting services.